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Great News.

October 3, 2007

So, as I finally decided to to some work today… I check my email. And as I am deleting unnecessary emails from my inbox, up pops the email I have been waiting for since 9/24/07.

If you know me and my boyfriend, you know we are HARD CORE to the max Angels Baseball fans. From spring training to post season we are glued to the games, whether on TV or going to games, we are hooked. So, when it looked like the Angels were going to make it to the post season, Peter and I entered into the post season lottery. See, you can’t just buy tickets to post season. Season ticket holders have first dibs and so on and so forth. So, for people who can’t spend the big bucks for season tickets, you can enter a lottery and hope for the best, which is what we did.

Well, needless to say… I WAS PICKED!! *she says jumping up and down*

Yup, so Pete and I are going to the American League Championship in Anaheim (if they make it, and lets make sure they do – pray hard people – ha ha).  I am so excited and I decided to share that with all of you!

 Well, I am going to commence jumping up and down again because I am SUPER excited.

Angels BaseballPost season

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