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October 4, 2007

Last night, as I was watching American Next Top Model, I decided to start my slouchy hat. I got the pattern from Jessica at Crafty Pants. The pattern is so easy to follow (she has awesome tips that really help beginners like me), but I haven’t crochet in soooo (and I emphasize the soooo) long, that I was adding too many stitches and by the time I got to finishing the last row, it look like really odd floppy hat. I wish I had taken a picture of time.

It was then when I decided to rip it all out (or at least to row eight) and start over. I did that this morning. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, and I think I have the hang of the puff stitch now. I was finishing the puffs with a finish stitch (like the video) but that was adding 1 extra stitch. Reliving the events from last night, I wish I had taken a picture. It looked like an Easter hat.

Well, I have made some progress on the hat this morning and should be done with it today. I will post pictures after I am done. Wish me luck… again!!

Thanks all!

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