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Quite Possibly…

October 5, 2007

As I sit on hold with the local Borders book store, I have been contemplating the fantasticness of my boyfriend, Peter. Let me start with yesterday. We both had hair appointments (I know, cute) at my mom’s salon last night. ** side note: I am a blonde, who dyes her hair brown, who decided to go dark (and I mean dark) brownish, maroonish red last night ** So, my mom was putting on my hair color, I was freaking out a tad I must admit. While my color processed, Peter got his hair cut. This is where the drama happens: my mom washed my hair and my roots (which are blonde) were bright, fire engine red. So, I commence to freak out and cry. My mom (who has been doing hair for over 30 years) was stumped. Peter, did I mention how awesome he is, said my hair looked great. That it is so punk rock and yadda yadda yadda. So, I stop freaking out (well, less freaking out) and try to derive a solution with my mom.

Meanwhile, Peter is exhausted. The poor guy is working like 60 hours a week while going to school. He asks if I want him to stay and watch me get me roots redone or go home. I know how tired he is and how much he doesn’t want to be there… so I tell him to go home. Needless to day, my mom is a master with that hair color and everything is fine – well sorta. I am super irritated with my bangs… but that is a different story all together.

I go home. Peter is watching Sports Center on the T.V. I walk in… on the verge of tears (again) and he comes over… hugs me and tells me I look beautiful and cuddles with me on the couch while I complain about how much my bangs suck. He just sat there, told me that I look beautiful and I should just calm down and hug him. He is wonderful.

So, fast-forward to today. I have to pick up the Stitch n’ Bitch: The Happy Hooker for my next project – the fat bottom bag (can’t wait to get started). One of Peter’s many jobs is at a mall cigar shop that just so happens to be right next to a Borders. He told me this morning, as I was walking out the door with Yoplait in hand, that if I call in whatever book I need, he will pick it up for me and bring it home. SUPER NICE and completely saves me like 2 hours after work. He is just so thoughtful and I really really would be lost without him.

So, now I have to think of something equally as fantastic to do for him…

what to do… what to do??


 F.Y.I – this is Peter. He rocks.

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