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Weekend Warrior.

October 15, 2007

This weekend was jammed packed – to the max. Let me give you the synopsis.

It all started on Friday afternoon: I took my cousin Nick to Chuck-e-Cheese. It was so much fun. He was playing all the games and trying to get Peter to ride this roller coaster that was making Peter sick to his stomach. It was funny…


** obviously not paying attention to me **

Then, later that night, was my brother’s going away party. My brother and one of his friends are moving to Rarotunga (in the Cook Islands) for a year. They got awesome jobs as aquarium fish catchers. Picture a butterfly cater, but under water. So, his friends threw a huge party. It was pretty funny. I am normally a home body and just like a few friends and wine… but my brothers friends are so hilarious (even more so when they are inebriated!!). That was my Friday.

mike & me.

** Nicole = 0 alcohalic beverages **

** Michael = um, yeah… I lost count. **

Saturday: Had lunch with my Dad and my brother. It was fun. Then I went over to my sick grandmas – she has pancreatic cancer. Her mother (my great grandmother) was the one who taught me how to crochet. We watched TV and she watched me make granny squares. After that, I went to my other grandparents for our family going away party. My family is hilarious. We played with Nick’s big rubber bouncy ball. We morphed a version of dodge ball into a keep away game. It was fun. Good food too… I took a HUGE doggy bag.

Sunday: D-Day. Peter and I stayed home for most of the morning. Then we ventured to the mall. I got a CUTE trench coat from a little store called Dolce in the local mall. It is very similar to this one, but I did not pay $400.00 dollars for it – only $50.00!! Oh yeah. I love it. Then we had an early dinner with Peter’s mom (it was her birthday). I made her a cute crocheted clutch and Peter got her a gift card to Home Depot. After all that, I went home for 3.5 seconds – made 1 granny square – and went with my mom and brother to the airport for the final farewell.

granny 1

granny 2

My poor mom. She was holding up so well. We stayed in line with him, his friend and his family for like 3 hours to check bags (yeah, 8 gigantic bags between them). After all that, we walked them to the security check point. My mom lost it. Poor thing. My brother got a little misty eyed, but kept it together.  I am glad he has this opportunity. He is still young (21) and has never traveled (well, traveled far). I have been all over Europe and experienced a lot of the world. This will be good for him. But, I think Watson will miss him most.


So, I plan to update this post with pictures once I get home. I had barely enough time to pee let alone upload pictures.

Tired from a long weekend. But must work crochet. Ha Ha Ha.


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