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My Dirty Little Secrets.

October 19, 2007

I was reading the I Dizzyblog today (like every other day)  and was really inspired by her Dirty Little Secrets post. Normally, I am not the one to share all of my secrets and whatnot, but I have lately been feeling like I am carrying a whole lot of unnecessary baggage around with me. So, why not give it a try.

1. I am always scared I am going to go broke, be evicted, and have to move back in with my parents… again.

2. I am always paranoid he is going to realize there is something better out there and leave.

3. I always wonder if people notice I have lost 60 lbs. If they do, don’t you think they would say something? It is kind of a lot of weight for a person of 5’1″.

4. I love my dark hair. But I think he misses the blonde hair.

5. I miss my brother more than anything. I wish he didn’t move.

6. I wish I didn’t live in California. I am over the weather, the people, the traffic, my job and everything. I wouldn’t stay here if it wasn’t for him and my family.

7. One of my boobs is substantially bigger than the other… which makes bra shopping hard.

8. I wish I was taller…

9. I hate by job (which is no secret)… I hate the people, the office, the complaining adults, the whinny customers, my desk, the paperwork… but I can’t quit… refer to #1

10. I wish I had children now… but then again I don’t. Odd.

11. I hope I do well in school. I really want to have a degree. Like badly. 

12. I don’t want a roommate. But we want to travel. And can’t afford to do both.

13. I love to people watch. I could sit anywhere and just watch the people go by. I think it is because I like to judge people, which is bad.

14. I love to stay home and watch movies more than going out. I often make excuses not to go out and generally I blame him… he says he doesn’t mind because he likes to stay home too, but I feel bad because I know it bothers him. I am trying to stop.

How about you? Any dirty little secrets?

On the crafting front. I have a ton of pictures that I need to upload and post of my works in progress. I have a crocheted shirt going, the granny squares (taking a break – I was dreaming about granny squares!), the little owls I am now obcessed with… and many more going through my noggin.

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  1. November 1, 2007 12:39 pm

    13. I love to people watch. I could sit anywhere and just watch the people go by. I think it is because I like to judge people, which is bad.

    HAHAHA love this! I am a HUGE fan of people watching.
    I think I feel a little better after releasing some dirty little secrets but its going to take some more time for me to dig deeper! it was hard!!!!

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