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Much Anticipated.

October 31, 2007

Here are all those pictures I took on Saturday while visiting with my Grandma. Forgive me…. this is going to be a long post… you have been forewarned. Enjoy.

This is Bob. He is my Grandma’s cat. He’s cute. I know. Can you believe he was a stray?… Somebody really missed out. This is how we spent our Saturday with Grandma.



** he is giving me the stank eye since this is like the 100th picture I took of him – HA! **

Bob and I then got bored of staring at eachother (my Grandma is very, very sick and she was sleeping mostly), so we wondered about the house taking pictures. 


** my Dad and his sibling’s bronzed shoes…. **

Chaquina dolls

** my G-Ma’s collection (part of it at least) of Chaquina Dolls ** 


** my Great-Great Grandma’s china **


** Mary. Mom painted this for my grandma when her and my dad started dating in high school **

After roaming about the house… we went outside into the workshop. My Grandma’s workshop is like and unfinished garage… it was dirty and I didn’t want to venture too far in (fear of spiders, you know). 


** just inside the workshop door **

After that… into the massive garden my Grandma is so proud of….  


** teddy bear in the fern **


** potted cacti **


** the family of ducks my Grandma and I recently started to refurbish **


** the lemon tree **


** the end of the pathway my cousin built **


** mini palm tree top **


** 100 year told treetop. I used to climb this thing when I was a kid **


kee kee

This is my Grandma. Back in the day. Before I was born. This is my favorite picture of her. She loved that monkey. I love her. And will miss her more than anybody will ever know.


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  1. November 1, 2007 12:33 pm

    can i just say i love your photographs?!
    my grandparents last Christmas moved out of the house I had grown up visiting them in. it was a house that looked smelled and was just simply THEM. I was crushed when they told me they were moving. It was so special to them and myself so for Christmas I went through the house taking pictures of every little detail in my own quirky ways. I created a photo album for them and wrote a story for each item explaining why it was important to me—mostly telling stories from my childhood. Your pictures reminded me of that gift I gave them. I remember when they first opened it they both started crying. It sits on their coffee table in their new house now, which I am growing to love—because they are in it.
    Thanks for sharing your pictures, they are wonderful!

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