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Cold, Hard Truth.

November 1, 2007

People can be bitches (excuse my French) for no reason other than they aren’t listening to a word you are saying so they don’t understand what the hell (excuse my French, again) is going on…

Case in point: I certain customer I am coordinating a MAJOR bathroom remodel for (well, for now – woot, woot!). She is old (can’t blame her for that), alone, picky as hell, rude (you have NO idea), and basically all the other things is find distasteful in a person. Anyways. She calls me about – oh – 30 times a day. No joke. Literally. It is aggravating. I understand that she forgets things (she tells me she writes them down), and that a major remodel can be stressful and inconvenient (then why do it, right?)… so I am tolerant of most of this ladies antics – cause it is my job.

So when she calls today, I put on my best “how can I be your slave today” voice and she just goes off.

Customer: “Where is Mike? You said he would be here today!! I have been waiting around all day for him!! You said he would be here today!!”

Me: “Ma’am, per our conversation yesterday afternoon… Mike will be there on Friday to meet with you and the plumber.”

Customer: “I talked to you several times yesterday and this was never mentioned to me.”

Me: “Ma’am, I’m sorry. When we spoke yesterday about the schedule change I noted to you and on your schedule and Mike would be meeting with the plumber for the additional work required by the City.”

Customer: “You most certainly did NOT! I am looking for all of my notes and there is nothing about that here…

Me: “Ma’am. If you refer to the schedule you had me email you, it is noted on there as well.”

Customer: “Nicole, I don’t check my email every five minutes! How am I supposed to know when you send things?”

Me: “Per our last conversation yesterday, I sent it to you while I was on the phone with you. Ma’am. I am so sorry for the confusion and that I was more clear. I you will please pull up the schedule I emailed you yesterday, I will be more than happy to review it with you.”

Customer: “You act like I have all day for this. Mike should have been here. He should have been scheduled here. I just don’t understand why you are lying about this.”

Me: “Ma’am. Believe it or not, I am not lying. I have no reason to. It is not my intention to make this experience more of a burden for her, but I am just going off of my discussion with you and the notes I have taken. But, if you feel the need, you are more than welcome to speak with my manager.”

Customer: “That won’t be necessary.”

Me: “Is there anything else I can clear up for you?”

Then she precedes to rattle off everything on her schedule for the 100th time. Call me unorganized, useless, etc, etc, etc.

This is why I quit. Plain and simple. And the fact that my “Manager” does nothing (you should have seen her face when this customer called for me) …

But I am not stressing. T minus 6 business days until I am free.

Woot Woot.

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