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Scratch that. Rewind.

November 2, 2007

I so I know said like 10 minutes ago that I would post later tonight… well, it just dawned on me that I a few things I need to put out into the universe:

1. What happens when you pretend to work? Apparently nothing. Your subordinates get yelled at (even the ones who have put in their notice). You get to shop for shoes and purses (she has an allowance each month – I know), scream (you think I am exaggerating, but I am not) at your loser baby-daddy-#-2 for the 1 millionth time, AND you get to leave whenever you want during the day all while getting paid $60,000 a year. Wow. I want her job… minus the drama.

2. Old man sweaters are awesome. Chris has one. I wish we wore it more. It makes him look older than he is, but it is sooo comfy looking. We call Chris “Old Man Oliver” for this exact reason. But I miss it.

3. Dying flowers. I have a few on my desk right now. They are sooo beautiful. They haven’t lost any of their color, but are getting really shrivelled. I took a picture. I will post it tonight.

4. Bombers. In AZ today, an employee the largest nuclear plant tried to smuggle in a bomb and blow it all up. What is with people? What has to go through your mind to think that you could get away with something like that in this post 9/11 age. I couldn’t believe it. I wonder what will happen to him.

5. Cussing. I do it. Most people do it. But is it necessary to get your point across? Who knows. I am open to opinions.

6. Jeans. I cannot get enough. If I could wear jeans everyday ( and trust me, I try) I would. The best are second hand store jeans. Buy some… you’ll see.

7. Hiccups. I had the worst case earlier today. Seriously for like 35 minutes. They started to hurt during the end… weird. What causes them… I tried 5 different ways to get rid of them and they went nowhere. Any suggestions?

8. Crocheting. I really need to get on it. Seriously.

Okay… I think I am done for now…

Peace out.

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