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The Game of Catch Up.

November 21, 2007

Dude. Life is flippin’ crazy right now: 

1. There is a memorial mass for my Grandma on Friday, however, her ashes will not be there because she is not being cream-mated until Monday, so I don’t know how much of a memorial it is going to be.

2. I don’t think my brother knows about my grandmother passing yet. In previous posts, I mentioned that he moved to the cook islands. It is like $9.00 a minute to call him there (but my mom has tried twice) so we have been emailing him, but no answer… so I am worried about him not knowing.

3. Crocheting: without it, I would be going crazy. I just finished a scarf and posted it into the shop.  I also just lowered all my prices because I want the items in there to sell for Holiday gifts. So take a peak.

4. Thanksgiving. I plan on baking tomorrow morning, but what I am going to bake I do not know. I think I might take a crack at a sugar free apple pie for my Grandpa (he is diabetic). But maybe I will make dozens and dozens of cookies. I am on the fence.

5. Work. I LOVE MY NEW JOB. The 6:30am – 3:00pm work hours are a little hard to get used to but I love them so much. Everyone is really nice and understanding and it is so much fun. I had no idea I was going to like it so much and I had no idea that I would make such good friends there. I have only been there a week and a 1/2, but all the girls (and the few boys) are so awesome.

6. I got a pedicure. I know. Unexpected. I generally don’t get them (since I have my manicuring license, I think it is kind of pointless), but my Mom wanted me to go with her. It was so relaxing. Granted, the little Asian chick sucked at the the rubbing part, but I loved the color I picked out.  Will post pictures later since it is the first time I have had color on my toes in like 2 years.

Okay, so that is my little update. I don’t have many pictures, but I will probably go for a walk tomorrow morning before the baking commences. I need a walk so picture taking will be a must.

I love you all and thanks for all the thoughts and prayers during this rough time for my family. We are all doing very well (I FINALLY got my Aunt to eat something and she is sleeping some… which is good). I really appreciate it more than all of you will ever know.

Granny Scarf

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  1. December 6, 2007 2:03 pm

    love the scarf! and thanks for the update 🙂 i hate when that happens–so much has gone on in “real life” and not having time to blog leads to having to fill us people in! i love lists — so I enjoyed reading it 😉

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