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So, A Lil’ Somethin’ Somethin’

February 13, 2008

Hi Ya’ll!

Okay, so I know it has been forever since I have posed anything. And I am going to apologize in advanced since I don’t have any new pics. I am just so swampped (like always). I really need to stop complaining about having so much to do, but I am not doing anything horribly exciting. Work, school, knit. Well, since I have taught myself to knit, life has been fun. I am finish a bathing suit. I know – wonderful. I will post pictures when I have it done… and it will be in the shop!Woot Woot.

Moving on. Working out hasn’t been going so well. I don’t know what it is. I just get so tired – not even tried, just very lethargic – and I loose my motivation. I had my Grandpa (he is diabetic) test my blood sugar just to see if anything was up. I was EXTREMELY low. Like 60 – and that was after pancakes. I don’t know what is happening. He said it is because I am not eating enough – which is probably true. So, I increased my intake this week and have been feeling better. Knowing my luck… I am probably anemic too. Oy. Well, now that I am eating more, lets hope I can get back into the jogging mode.

Spoke to my brother on Sunday. He might be moving home. I am super excited if he does, but kind of bummed all the same. I haven’t had the fundage to visit him since he has lived in Rarotunga. It would be nice. But he is getting bad headaches when he dives too often. His boss said it might be a sinus infection and they put him on antibiotics. If that doesn’t work, he can’t work…. which mean he is coming home. Bummer and YAY all at the same time.

Otherwise, Pete and I have been great. We have always been good, no matter how stressful we are. Right now we are planning a trip in early March to Arizona for spring training Angels Baseball. SUPER EXCITED. My Grandpa got us free tickets, so we are booking hotel and car rentals this weekend. I am so glad it is baseball season again. There has been a great void that hockey was just not filing. So… yeah.

On a side note: Grandpa in the mob??

Lately, I have been thinking my Grandpa is involved in, what I would call for lack of a better word, the MOB. He has always been “wealthy” and had tons of friends and pretty much done whatever he wants. He owns his own business (not any type of disposal business – but tool making) and has lived in the same house for 49 years with my Grandma who has been married to him for the same amount of years. Lately, and maybe it is because I am older now, but family members, himself included, have let some pretty odd things slip. Take for instance, this weekend. Peter and I paid my parents a 2AM visit (another story) but the next morning went with them to look at my Grandpas new motor-home! What? A new motor-home? I asked why he bought one and my mom said a “guy owed him some money, so he gave him the rig… just like the cabin.” WHAT! The cabin? Our cabin in big bear was given to him because a guy owed him money? Confused. Then, yesterday, my Grandpa called me and was like “Are you and Pete still going to AZ for Angels Baseball?” And I said ” We are thinking about it, but we haven’t got tickets or anything yet.” He said, “I know you guys wanted to go on the 3rd, right?” “Yeah Pa-Pa, that is what we were shooting for.” “Okay, well, I know a guy who will give me his tickets. Front row, behind home plate, meet the players, the whole thing… do you want them?” “Uh. Yeah. How much are they?” “For you my love, nothing.” WHAAATTT?? It is these recent series of events that leads me to believe my Grandpa is a gangster. Any thoughts?

Okay, well, I am going to wander around the WordPress for a while.

Love you.



OOOOHHHH… Happy V-Day Eve.  

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