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February 25, 2008

I don’t know what it is. I am so discouraged lately. Actually, I shouldn’t say I don’t know what it is, because I do. Her name is Cindy.

I had a realization today. I have been very frustrated at work. Work is my life right now and I feel like I am totally being taken advantage of. Let me start from the beginning.

First: When interviewing with my new job, I said the reason I was looking for a new job was because I felt like I was worth more than what my current job was paying me. That my skills and assets were and wouldn’t be utilized. I needed to make to make more while using my vast knowledge. When interviewing with Cindy, she said my feeling would not go unheard. That I would be making substantially more with hourly and tips (I am not naive, I know tips are not steady, but when you tell someone that “on the low end” you would be taking home $400 a week in tips… you need to back it up). So, I quit my job and starting working for my new job.

Second: 3 months into it, I have never once made what I was making at my old job. Not once. Not even close once. So, that bring frustrating in itself, I learned to live with it. I was gaining really good knowledge on how to run a catering department – definitely something I would use if Peter and I decided to open our catering business full throttle. Now, Cindy has piled marketing on us as well.

Third: I am not a sales person. I repeat: I AM NOT A SALES PERSON. I do not take rejection well. I don’t have the personalty yo be a telemarketer. Sales is my most solid weakness. With marketing calls, cold calls, dropping off free samples and collecting business cards goes to the extreme, I started to get a little uncomfortable.

The date: Thursday 2-21-08

The Scenario: territory drive with Cindy (worst 45 minutes of my life)

Start Scene: “How are things going with the marketing calls?”

                       “Not so good. I am just not comfortable making cold calls. I have never been a sales person or telemarketer – I just don’t feel like I have the personalty for this.”

                       “Oh, that’s not good. Nicole, marketing is a major portion of your job. You need to feel comfortable doing this…”

                      “But, being that I am a catering coordinator, I though my main function was to manage catering”

                      “Your job duties have gone beyond that this year. You really need to step it up. These marketing calls are mandatory.”

                      “What… I guess… I will do my best. That is all I can say, right?”

   So, I go about my business, vent to my general manager who knows I am not (I repeat -NOT) happy and decided to not go in on Friday so I can cool off.

Welcome to today. I come into work with a great attitude. I am going to all the marking, handle my catering orders – all with a smile on my face and work it out. When I get to work, I see that I have TONS of orders. Way more than normal. And being that I wasn’t there on Friday… nothing is prepped. Deciding that it is better to please our existing customers rather than hunt for new ones, I prep all of my stuff, do my morning orders, come back, finish putting together my gigantic lunch orders, and make my delivers. I had like 10 minutes between delivers and I was running early. I got a message from the MOD that said Cindy called to see how things are going. I thought – awesome, she is going to be so stoked. I have been so busy today. So, I call her.  Start scene:

“Hey Nicole, are you just returning my call?”

“Yeah, I have been so busy today. Nothing was prepped this morning and we have done almost $1000.00 today!”

“Cool. Did you go marketing this morning?”

“I didn’t have time. Nothing was prepped. I had a last minute order. I just haven’t had time to pee, let alone market. But I do plan to make calls when I get back. Oh, and prep all of my stuff for tomorrow.”

“Nicole. I don’t think you understand how full throttle we are on this marketing. Taking bagels out on Monday and Tuesday is MANDATORY. No exceptions. If you cannot find time – Call me. I will put the bags together myself and you can go after you morning deliveries. There should be no reason why you can’t go.”

“Cindy. I was super slammed today. It isn’t the 10 minutes it takes to put the bags together, it is the hour out of my day that really will set me back, ESPECIALLY when I have such a huge volume day.”

“This is mandatory, Nicole. No exceptions”

I was livid. L-I-V-I-D. Not only did I take a pay cut to work here. Nothing she EVER promised me has been right. Nothing. Now I finally have an awesome day, and it is not good enough. Nothing is ever good enough. I am through.

Mike: if you are reading this – cover your eyes because I am going to call you on it in a bit.

I HAVE AN INTERVIEW ON THURSDAY – and I will take it. On the spot. If they are even slightly higher pay than here. Not questions asked. This is bullshit. Piling marketing shit – when you have a marketing department already – on us, customer service, prepping, packaging, delivering all the catering orders all for $11.00 an hour. PULEASE. I was a sucker. A total and complete sucker. It really frustrates me that I even have stood for it this long.

So, I am done venting.

Onto other news.

I am working on some new stuff for the shop. I am going to revamp it. I feel like it is all over the place because I enjoy doing to many things. I am mainly going to be selling my photos. Maybe a view crocheted and knitted things, but mostly photos. The crocheted and knitted things in the shop will be priced to clear shortly, so I will be posting something when I mark everything down.

Otherwise. Same old. Same old.

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  1. February 26, 2008 12:18 am

    Wow, sounds like a new job will really be a good choice. That is not fair to place all those responsiibilities on one person when it is impossible to complete.
    I worked at JoAnns for about two months and the store had this policy that you HAD to sign up at least one person an hour for the store newsletter. Problem was, every single person I asked was already signed up or wasn’t intersted. Their policy should have been to ask every person you help. Company managers who set impossible quotas get unhappy workers!

  2. February 26, 2008 4:59 am

    Hi, I simply stumbled upon your post and without even knowing the reason why, I just clicked it (maybe because I felt a similar feeling to the title?), and I’m glad I did. I’m also job hunting to avoid having to go into telemarketing and contact centers.
    So, as a sympathetic sort of feeling, I wish you much luck with your interview, you seem to have the energy and spirit to make of it what you want!

  3. March 23, 2008 9:03 pm

    favorited this one, guy

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