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March 18, 2008

I mean really. Can anything else in my techonological world go wrong. I cussed out the cable company for screwing with my internet, I yelled at my cell phone company for being huge douche bags and double charging me for stuff, and now Flickr won’t let me blog my pictures from their site right now.

 K-to the-F as Hannah would say!!

 I am at a loss. Really. If Flickr had a phone, I would probably call and cuss and yell – I am just in one of those moods.

 On the sunnier side – I got new patio furnature!! Granted, the pieces are HUGELY oversized for our teeny tiny balcony, but I love it. I finally have a place to lounge outside. Just thinking about it, I feel the serenity drifting through the sliding glass door.

Okay, well, I will check on Flickr tomorrow and (hopefully) post my new pictures tomorrow.


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