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It has been eons.

May 29, 2008

I know I have been M.I.A for a while, but much has been happening. Along with the same old, same old of work and school madness, I have been pretty much knitting and spending time with Peter with the remainder. This past weekend was my birthday and that was wonderful. Breakfast with family, the Scottish festival (I got a wicked awesome hat), and a splendid dinner with just Peter and I. It was really wonderful.

But since this wonderful weekend, I have been feeling really, really  down in the dumps. I can’t put my finger on it, but is like a weight is slowly engulfing me. I feel that I am being judged in everything that I do by everyone that is in my daily life. I wish that people could just take a step back, talk it out, and really explain what is going on. It is so confusing and heart wrenching, that I really feel like my mental fibers are at their breaking point.

I haven’t felt like this before. It is really weird. But this is not the place. Hopefully in the days (and weekend) to come, people and things will work themselves out through discussion, understanding, and compassion. I just hate feeling this way. It is exhausting and aggravating all at the same time.

And, like a cherry on a heaping sunday, this kid in one of my accounting classes totally cheated off me! It was ridculous. You have no idea. All of my classes are online, and each week we have discussion classes. Generally, you have to post you answer to the discussion question and then reply to the other students – hence the discussion part. Well, last week, I did my reply post and then commented on another student’s post. When I comment, I us my thoughts, my knowledge, and my words to reply to that student. So, this kid, as his reply to the orginal question, copy and pasted my reply to another student, changed a few words and posted it as his own. IT IS SO OBVIOUS… I will edit this post one day with the two posts… but needless to say, he told the teacher that it was a mistake, that he took my post to find out was something was and must have posted my response again instead of his by mistake. BUT – then why were a few words changed? And why didn’t he post his original post when I pointed out his obvious cheating. UGH! AND, my teacher told me to just chalk it up as a pasting mistake and to let it go!!!! What happened to the zero tolerance policy that schools nation wide have implemented to prevent this sort of thing!? This situation is so, so, so, so dumb (for a lack of a better word). Now, with this bar set, is preventing from students using that excuse when they are at a deadline for an assignment… just to get an extension? UGH!

Well, now that I have ranted a little bit, I have to work. Keep your fingers crossed that this day will get better for me. I need all the help that I can get.

By all!


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