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He Makes How Much?

August 29, 2008

Like any other red-blooded woman on this planet, I enjoy my fair share of celebrity gossip. Amongst my frequent reads are TMZ, WWTDD, and Perez Hilton. I about fell out of my chair when I read how much Perez Hilton makes from his blog alone (brace yourself and read below). I also read somewhere else that he only has one employee… HIS SISTER!. Wow. Just wow. Gives us bloggers some hope… right? But lets just say that Knockout Niki won’t be making this kind of cheese anytime soon. HAHA.

If I asked you who Mario Lavandeira was, most of you probably wouldn’t know… But if I asked you who Perez Hilton was, the response would be almost immediate. Just like I did a breakdown of how Guy Kawasaki uses his name for branding power, Mario Lavandeira has done the same… but in this case, without using his “real” name.

Everywhere you look, you see Perez Hilton somewhere… in addition to his power house blog, he’s always on TV (whether it be his own show, or a guest appearance)… but now he’s moving his name into his fashion, cosmetic and music. So where did this Perez Hilton come from and how in just three years did his blog become so popular (and help make blogging popular in the process)? As reported by Wire Magazine… here’s how Mario Lavandeira went from an unemployed fame-obsessed loner, to a celebrity super blogger that can rake in over $50,000 a day!

Super Affiliate Tips from Super Affiliate Zac Johnson – Let the Reign Begin!.

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