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And All I Wanted Was an Iced Tea… eesh.

September 3, 2008

I am not a drinker of soda [or anything other than tea or water for that matter], so this doesn’t thrill me much – but it is an interesting concept. I guess I would be more interested in the self cooling bottle they mention, but that is just me.

Your typical soda fountain in a fast-food joint features eight boring choices, usually offering nothing more exotic than “Orange.” Its been that way for decades, but one of the oldest players in the market is finally shattering that paradigm. Coca-Cola is introducing a machine that can pour 100 different flavors.

Early prototypes underwent testing earlier this summer and second-gen units are headed for limited markets early next year — the same thing they said about those self-cooling bottles last year. Assuming they do come to market, swapping out the highly-concentrated flavors is likened to changing a print cartridge, meaning new choices can come and go quickly depending on popularity. It all sounds refreshing, but were not looking forward to the lines as the thirsty yet indecisive ponder 15 different flavors of Diet Coke. [From:]

Coca-Cola Readying 100-Flavor Soda Fountains – Switched.

Now, when these get introduced, I want to see how many kids at your local 7-11 minimart will sit there for 45 minutes brewing up the perfect blended suicide [don’t freak out people – it is just all the sodas mixed together].

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