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Mexican Muffin Tops – Good Lord.

September 3, 2008

On my drive to work today, I was listening to Kevin & Bean[sans Bean] per my norm. When I turned on the radio, they had this guy on named Muff (WTF?) on. I don’t even know where to begin with this guy. He is from Georgia, I guess, and the reason he was on Kevin & Bean this morning was because of his website Mexican Muffin Tops. I find this both hilarious and degrading all at the same time. Apparently, this guy is obsessed with Latinas in way to tight clothing – hence the muffin top. Here are a few pics from the site:

See, this is where I kinda draw the line. This guy is running around taking pictures of these women and I am not entirely sure they are aware of it – especially the ones with kids. In my opinion, woman are going to wear what they want based on their cultural values and up bringing. There are some cultures who appreciate a full figured woman more then others and this guy is making a spectacle of it. As for myself, I am WAY to self conscious to have my ass plastered all over the web – but I guess I am not helping these poor women out either. Oh well.

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