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“You’re Too Sweet for Rock and Roll.”

September 4, 2008

If you can name what movie that line is from, then you get 10 points. Moving on:

Since there is a lack of things to write about this morning, I am turning to music. Aw music – where would I be without you? Lost, that is for sure. I like to think I have a general acceptance of all genres of music. Being strongly influenced by my parents who love Oingo Boingo, Elton John, The Who, Pink Floyd, and the B-52’s [just to name a few], by Grandma who loved the Grateful Dead, Elvis, anything Boogie Woogie, and by my brother who is, for lack of a better word, a metal head – I have developed my own appreciation for all things music. However, I consider myself a country-punk/rockabilly type of girl. Oh yes, Eddie Spaghetti’svoice always puts me a fantastic mood and, if I were taller, I would play the upright bass.  My iPod is heavily inundated with with bands like the Supersuckers, Johnny Cash, Danko Jones, Throw Rag, Go Betty Go, Devil Doll, the Creepshow, the Matadors, Horrorpops, Flogging Molly, and Eddie Spaghetti. Here are a some tidbits that will get your hearts a jumpin’: FYI – all those little links are to videos… check them out too.


Danko Jones

The Creepshow

However, on the other side of my music spectrum is my love for foreign music. Edith Piaf, the Swell Season, Seu Jorge, and Salsa Celtica[again, just naming a few]. Hearing music in a foreign language is a whole difference experience. There is a different kind of passion behind it. Take Edith Piaf; her voice and range is intoxicating. It was no wonder she was the song bird for the French people:

Edith Piaf

Glen from the Swell Season (i am aware this is in English, but they are from Ireland)

Seu Jorge

But I will always be a rock-n-roll girl. There is just something about the way it draws me in.

Till Next Time – Enjoy the music.

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  1. deadmanphotos permalink
    September 7, 2008 9:52 pm

    well the quote is from ” Almost Famous ” (great movie btw thanks for showing it too me… )

    FYI Chuck Berry is 110 times better/cooler/wrote better stuff than Elvis…

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