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Wired. A Post More for Me Than You.

September 17, 2008
How do you get yourself out of a routine that has become so simple to execute each and very day? For me, everyday I check my email, my blog, my Flickr, my Myspace or Facebook, my blog reader, and sign on to Meebo for IMing. Work can get boring, yes; but lately I have been feeling guilty about it. Am I too connected? Am I too wired to everyone that I am missing out on what really matters? Am I addicted? I try to balance it out by doing my photography, reading, and crafting, but I still feel like I need to take a step back and reevaluate my connectivity- prune the hedges if you will.
Being 24, do I really need a Facebook and a Myspace? I use both to keep in contact with friends and family that have spread all over, and I don’t want to loose that. Flickr is where I store all of my photos, but I think I am going to download them all back onto my computer and just get rid of it – it is turning into too much of a hassle. Email is obvious, I need that. Email has become a basic part of communication – so yeah. Meebo. Ugh. I never used to be an IMer. Ever. But over the past 8 months, I find myself signing on just to sign on. That is not healthy and it has to stop.

I think once I condense, I won’t feel like I always have to be connected to find out what is going on. That is why the cell phone was invented. If people want to reach me, they can call me. Plain and simple. I turned off Internet to my phone yesterday for this exact reason. I don’t need it. I don’t really want it. It causes more problems the anything – being so expensive.

As for my blog. I love it. I am going to continue to post things that interest me and I might be starting a Book Report post category. I thought of it on the way to work this morning. I have been reading a lot more lately, and what a great way to get the word out on some fantastic books. So more to come on that.

Well, now that I have vented a little, I feel better.

Till next time. 



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