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“Elly May. Elly May Goin’ Skinny-Dippin’ In The Cement Pond”

September 30, 2008

If you can name the movie that line came from – you win 10 points. It’s a toughie, I know.

Speaking of Elly May Clampett – or the actress that portrayed her [Donna Douglas] – apparently, she is 75 years young these days. Who knew? I sure didn’t – thanks TMZ. I was a big fan of the show. A big fan. Here is what most of us remember her as:

Elly May Clampett - Donna Douglas

Elly May Clampett - Donna Douglas

And here she is now:

Donna Douglas

Donna Douglas


She looks amazing. I love that she is still rocking the blond, higher-then-high hair. Like I always say – the higher the hair, the closer to God. HAHA.  She really reminds me on my Great-Grandma now. With that sequenced-to-the max dress – it is almost a spitting image; except the GGma had short blond hair well into her 90’s. I will find a picture of her and update this post with it – honestly, they could be related.

Till Next Time.

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