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A Girl & Her Pocketbook.

October 13, 2008

I know – long time no post, right? Well, so much has been going on. The big move was last weekend – and while we got everything moved, NOTHING is unpacked. Ugh. I have a great big “honey-do” list at home waiting for me. HAHA. But work and school and softball has been crazy. So, now I am finally getting a chance to come up for air to post this little ditty.

Actually, I did start another blog: A Girl & Her Pocketbook. I wanted to keep this blog for things I love – crafting, photography and fashion. A Girl & Her Pocketbook is about the other half of my life – money and finances. It is place where I can keep on track with my financial state (and goals), get advice, and share what I learn during the process of turning around my finances.

So, check it out and I promise to post more shortly… slow day at work. HAHA!

Till Next Time!

Me. Duh. HAHA.

Me. Duh. HAHA.

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