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I Blame Myself.

October 13, 2008

If you have read this post, you know I moved over the weekend. Ugh. Moving. It wasn’t bad – I shouldn’t complain, but I got an injury totally unrelated to moving. Here’s what happened [DON’T LAUGH]: so we literally moved into a different unit in the same complex. We like were we live so much, that when we decided to down size and researched the areas were we wanted to live, it was natural we didn’t want to move far. We only moved, I’d say, about 20 yards – to the next building over.

Okay, so, we got our keys on Saturday (early and thank God). Peter and I decided to move all the small stuff on our own and wait for our reinforcements to come on Sunday (our original move date). And we set off – moving laundry, clothes, books, stuff from all the closets, important paperwork, etc. Knowing that we would be going up and down stairs all day, we decided to use our long board skate board for transportation. Example: I had 2 very, very full baskets of laundry – so I put both of them on the skate board and wheeled them over.

Keep in mind, I have never [and I mean never] been exactly balanced on anything other than my 2 feet. I cannot snow board and I have known I cannot skate board – but Peter would take stuff over and then skate board back – it looked sooo much fun. So I gave it whirl. Bad. Idea.

I was by myself on the path back to our old apartment, doing surprisingly well on the skateboard. Then the corner came and was like “I can make this”. So I leaned into the turn and made it – going very slowly, but nonetheless, I made it around the corner. And then calamity – i hit a divot in the sidewalk and ate it. Hard. On hip and knee. It was hilarious. I immediately started laughing – I didn’t even know my knee was bleeding until like an hour later when my knee was stinging. It was funny.

But there is a down side to this whole moving business. – no TV and no Internet until Saturday. A WHOLE WEEEEEKKK without Internet and cable at home. Wow. Luckily I have Internet @ work… but unlucky Peter is going cold turkey for the whole week. Poor guy. He is already so bored. I feel bad. I waited too long to call about our moving, so yeah. I blame myself.

But today is a new day. I am going to go home – catch up on some majorly missed movies, unpack, and knit – all while waiting for poor Peter to come home. So, in the mean time, here are some SHOES I am adding to my wish list pronto – if there are any family members reading – PAY ATTENTION!

Hops & Barley Heels - ModCloth

Hops & Barley Heels - ModCloth

Link to Modcloth here.

Rather by Steve Madden

Rather by Steve Madden

Steve Madden link here.

Jazid by Nine West

Jazid by Nine West

Nine West link here.

Man. I want shoes. *sad face*.

Oh well.

OH YEA! I have a new blog – A Girl & Her Pocketbook!

Till Next Time.

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