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Oh, For Pete’s Sake!

October 20, 2008

I love Halloween. Period. However, I always [always] wait until the last minute for costume ideas and this year is no different. We got invited to a Halloween party this coming Saturday, and I have no idea what I want or can afford to be. So, I am asking your help – my faithful blog readers, for your opinion on some of my last minute options. There are both pre-made and costumes I can make on this list – so choose carefully – plus, I really want to try this Polldaddy! thing that WordPress is offering now.

Side Note: I am not a fan of the “sexy” costumes. I have always been heavier set which equals self-conscience about my body. This year, I am thinner than I have ever been (size 2 woot!) and am considering going outside the box this time – maybe.

Swashbuckler Captain

Swashbuckler Captain

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Hearts



 Or these maybe [definitely more budget friendly]

Tom Cruise circa Risky Business

 Actually, now that I have been looking at this post literally all day, I might go the Risky Business route. I haven’t seen a girl do it in a long time and it is just clever enough.

But tell me what you think regardless because I will change my mind in like 2 seconds.

Well, till next time.


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  1. Jade permalink
    October 20, 2008 4:33 pm

    The peacock is pretty damn cute, and I haven’t seen it before, however you would look SUPER cute as “Risky Business” SO yeah… I have noe freaking clue what to be either. I think I might buy this year too. Where’d you get the poll from?


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