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Word To Your Mom: Shout Out Edition.

October 21, 2008

I read a lot of blogs. A lot. Like 100 or so. Perusing the blogosphere is one of my favorite work past times and I have come across some really neat and inspiring people. And because of this love for my blogging community, I feel that a shout out to my favorite blogs is necessary.

Friends & Family: What shout out is complete without your friends and family, right?

  • Jade Green Eyes: while Jade [my BFF] is new to the blogging world [you can thank ME for that – HAHA], she is awesome.
  • Dead Man! Photography: Matt is another one of my good friends. He is an aspiring photographer – and a good one at that…
  • … Life With Riley: this blog comes to you from my cousin and her husband – Becky and Marky. Ain’t their daughter just the cutest!
  • The McRae Chronicles: another blog from another cousin: this time my cousin Eddie and his wife Shelly. I love reading about how their family is growing.

Crafters: I am a craft freak – what can I say?

  • Inside A Black Apple: there are no words for Emily. She is truly amazing and I wish I was as talented as she.
  • Moonstitches: basically my crocheting master – even though she doesn’t know it. And those Owls. Wow.
  • All Buttoned Up: one of the reasons I continue to sew. She is so great.

Fashion: These blogs inspire me to become more fashionable – bigger task then you think. I have the fashion sense of a teaspoon.

  • Some Girls Wander: Another Emily blog. Her retro/indie style is completely her own. And her house is cute too.
  • Childhood Flames: This girl should model. She can put together such spectacular outfits it is ridiculous. Plus she is gorgeous. 
  • Karla’s Closet: HANDS DOWN my favorite fashion blog. Karla has a style all her own. Her confidence is astounding and it is truly inspirational.
  • Painfully Hip: I am an aspiring-thrift star, and this blog fuels my needs for all thrifted. Plain awesome.

These are just a handful of the blogs in my reader, but all very note worthy. Check them all out and spread the love.

Till Next Time… here is a pic of Karla in an outfit I am totally jonesing for.

Karlas Closet

Karla's Closet

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  1. becky permalink
    October 22, 2008 10:24 am

    thanks for the shout-out of our blog! miss you…

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