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[Couldn’t Think Of A Witty Title – Go Figure]

October 31, 2008

All I have to say is thank GOD I am almost done with my accounting final. It is killing me. I have been working on this dumb thing since week 2 and I just now almost done with it. It was ridiculous and I never want to look at it again for fear I will go insane – well, more insane than I already am! Since I haven’t been making my usual stops around the blogosphere this week, I decided to my my usual rounds (finally) and decided stop by ModCloth. My mouth nearly hit the freaking floor – so much has changed since I have been in homework mode. They have an abundance of amazing things in right now. Now that today is payday,I have to workout my budget – cause I am going budgeting extra for clothes (I wish).

Echowls Tee

Echowls Tee

Deep down, I am very much a jeans and tshirt kind of gal…

Ribbons & Bows Boots

Ribbons & Bows Boots

The Taking Names Boots

The Taking Names Boots

These will be mine. Oh yes, they will be.

Ondine Dress

Ondine Dress

So, yeah, I am done with my ModCloth pit stop. Now – to continue window shopping on this fine Halloween day.

Till’ next time.

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