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A Girl & Her Pocketbook – Moved.

November 5, 2008

A Girl and Her Pocketbookis now part of the WordPress family. I don’t know why I didn’t start it here to begin with, but I learned a great lesson in the meantime – Blogger sucks. Granted you can have ads, but WordPress has definitely made me love blogging because of how easy it is. Everything is centrally located and accessible – and do I even need to mention the stats? No, cause, duh, they rock. So, please check out my new and improved personal finance blog.


But in other news, I have decided to spend even less to save more money for a sweet pair of boots – lace up Dr. Marten’s to be precise. I don’t know if i want them in 8 or 10 eyelet yet, but I know I need them in this color.

I [heart] These.


They are beautiful. Period. SO, I have devised a great plan on how I can save a few extra bucks to get them, but that if for another day.

I am very excited because tonight I am having dinner with my parents, Michael (real brother), and John (i have adopted him as my brother since he lives with my parents – IN MY OLD ROOM!). I haven’t had a meal with all of them in a long while, so I am itching to get over there. Since this month is the year anniversary of my grandmothers death, it will be nice to have the family together – minus the Boyfriend cause he has to work – damn Tinder Box!

I promise those pictures from the greatest weekend ever are coming. I swear. I am just being lazy.

Till Next Time.

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  1. Jade permalink
    November 10, 2008 12:53 pm

    Try , I love it.

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