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Dooood. Purse Me.

November 19, 2008

Purse, smurse is what I usually say. I would rather spend my money on other things, more usful trinkets – like shoes or dresses [obviously]. But, over at ModCloth, they have a few outrageously cute shoulder slingers in:

The Caliban Bookstore Bag

The Caliban Bookstore Bag

Brick Lane Bag

Brick Lane Bag

Fall Furlough Clutch

Fall Furlough Clutch

And I about died when I saw this skirt.

Cherry Brandy Skirt

Cherry Brandy Skirt

And a little update on the work front: I had my review yesterday and it went swimmingly. After 3 months, they want to keep me on permanently and, while I didn’t get a raise, I did get 3 extra paid vacation days. So, when the Boyfriend and I finally get to go on a trip, I will have 3 additional paid days off! Woot. I do get another review in 3 months, so hopefully extra fundage will be included in that one.

It also seems that the Boyfriend and I have inherited a cat. Yes sir, General Peaches [as we are calling him now] is officially our outside patio cat. Granted, he probably does belong to someone else, but for the last couple of days and night, he seems to be glued to our patio door and content with sleeping on our patio furniture. I don’t mind, I love cats. I made him a little bed on the loveseat so he can stay warm at night and we have been feeding him, so yeah. I took a few pictures of him last night – will post as soon as I can. He is darling.

Til Next Time!

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  1. Jade permalink
    November 19, 2008 1:03 pm

    OMG, I love that skirt. And the orange purse ia AMAZING. I need it… modcloth here I come!

  2. November 19, 2008 5:49 pm

    Yeah I agree with Jade, the Bookstore purse is sick. I’m a fan of buttons and faux buttons alike.
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