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*@^$)@(#Y*#(@)!!! – Part Duex

November 20, 2008

Despite the disheartening title for my lovely post, I am basically striking interweb shopping/blogging pay dirt over here. I am a big promoter of blogs that I love, and today I came cross some very note worthy ones; it is kinda ridiculous [if you couldn’t tell, yeah, work is dead today].

I am not entirely sure how I found Modish, but I am sure glad I did. There is a plethora of great shops, art work, giveaways, style tips, DIYing, and blog pimping going on here that it is kinda rockin’ my socks. It is everything I hope and pray my blog will one day be.

But through Modish, I found two very note worthy Etsy shops!

Wolfie & the Sneak

Wolfie & the Sneak

Wolfie & the Sneak is a collection of posters, calendars, coloring books, and artwork that are dreamed up by Renee and Charlie. A little about them:

Renee went to art school to become artsier and fartsier, while Charlie was professionally trained in photography. They met on a blind date at a little country flea market, and though it was no affair of love at first site, Charlie proposed then and there with a plastic ring from a vending machine. In the meantime, they grew into quite a family of furry little creatures: Wolfgang (the brown dog), Murray (fully named Bill Murray, the black dog), The Sneak (an obviously mischievous white kitty), and Huggie Bear (the black cat with a affection for 1-900 numbers).

And talk about friggin’ sweet ass hats!

Topsy Turvy Design.

Topsy Turvy Design.

Topsy Turvey Designs is seriously so awesome, I don’t even know where to begin! Here is a blurb from the shop:

My name is Kim Brown-Dye & I am a sometimes costumier & full time milliner who works & dwells in the footprint of a historical, 1915 brick building in the heart of Oakland Chinatown with my hubby & adolescent kitten, Boudicca. Boudicca says “Meow”. All of my hatties are a theatrical in nature, a bit bold & a whole lot of fun! I build each one from scratch using buckram & wire construction which is then covered & trimmed using the finest materials & hand finishing.

Till Next Time!

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