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I Hate Thanksgiving – Yeah, I Said It.

November 26, 2008

More than most of you will ever know. I get it; the Holiday is about family and being thankful for them and what you have, but honestly, when you are in a committed relationship and both families are having dinner at the same time and neither are willing to budge on the time or day, it puts said couple in a real bind – to the point where I suggested we fake sick and ditch both, and have our own little thanksgiving at home.

And it has been like this for most of our relationship. When my Kee-Kee was alive, we used to have dinner super early so we could do both, but now, that luxury is gone – very gone. In a perfect world, we would have dinner with one (early) and have dessert with the other. I mean, that is probably what we are going to do now, but we are going to miss the majority of family time with both and, to me, that kind of defeats the purpose – especially when we have to drive to opposite sides of town – literally. I don’t know; maybe I am just a pessimist when it comes to this Holiday. Maybe next year me and the Boyfriend should boycott and hold our own Thanksgiving… and force them to choose. Done and Done.

Well, on to lighter news. Since Thanksgiving is here, that means Christmas is almost here! Yay. One Holiday that I love. Time can be spread evenly, people are happy, families are happy, and all in all, a good time will be had. This is the first “frugal” Christmas the Boyfriend and I are going to have. This year we are going to try to make most of our gifts. We will see how that turns out – we could be doing some last minute shopping… HAHA.

Along with Christmas comes my favorite past time – DECORATING!  As we are on a strict budget this year, I have been scouring the interweb for a few good (and cheap) ideas to decorate our house. Thanks to one of my new favorite design blogs Design Sponge and her posts (here and here), I have new ideas coming out the ying yang. I am most excited about this:

Photo: Design Sponge

What is great about this project is I already have all of the materials at home! Woot! I might make little hats and faces on them, but they are so freaking cute. I also love the idea of these hanging around:

Photo: FilzFelt

I might try to DIY some of these myself. Maybe not in this exact pattern, but a few different snow flake shapes. I think it would be pretty cute. And of course, we are going to bring back the “Super Hero” tree. I don’t have any pictures from last year – but it was pretty awesome. We got all the ornaments from the Boyfriend’s dad’s old stuff and it pretty much kicks ass.

Till Next Time!

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  1. Jade permalink
    November 26, 2008 1:57 pm

    That’s why I can’t wait to have kids, they’ll all have to come to my house cuz that’s where the grandkids will be. HeeHee, tricksy I know… the snomen are super cute, I was just thinking about how to decorate.

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