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Word To Your Mom: [Another] Shout Out Edition.

December 3, 2008

Photo: Keiko Lynn

Discovering new and inspiring blogs is so exciting for me. Especially when that newly discovered blog has style, relateability, and wit coming out the wazoo! Case in point: Keiko.

My name is Keiko (cake-oh) Lynn. Twenty-four. Relatively conservative life; liberal heart and mind. I live in Brooklyn, where I design and make clothing for my line, Postlapsaria. I am a lover of animals and all things childish. I am honest, awkward, but downright whimsical. I fidget unremittingly. fidget fidget.

I was really struck by they way she puts outfits together, how they are mostly thrifted or retro gifts from her obviously hip mom, or handmade by her – evidenced by the images below:

She gives me hope that I will find the perfect thrift store in Orange County – and hope is all I got left.

Till Next Time!

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