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Freakin’ A…

December 9, 2008

It is like a freakin igloo in my office – no joke. I just stood in front of the thermostat for like 15 minutes trying to figure out why, when I turn up the heat to 70, the freaking heater won’t turn on. Needless to say, I just gave up. Now, I am chattering my teeth, blowing on my fingers, and knocking my knees together all whilst wrapped in 3 sweaters – my version of keeping warm.

And being as frost biten as I am, I am trying to think warm thoughts…

Photos: Bows & Bandits

It’s starting to look pretty gloomy outside. Is it supposed to rain today? Great. I wish I was home, in my warm bed, with my warm [but sick] boyfriend, watching warm movies, and eating warm [okay, maybe hot] food. Man, to be warm again. Burrrr…..

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