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Holiday Venting… GRRR. *Sigh*

December 10, 2008

I cannot believe how much I hate the holidays this year. Yes, I love seeing and spending quality time my family and friends. Yes, I love the food, the gatherings, the games, the decorations, the ambiance of it all. I guess what I hate most is the build up. I hate having gifts for everyone all budgeted out and then my family springing the STUPIDEST gift exchange idea on me and fucking everything up. I mean, in this economy, who decides it is a great idea to do a $100 minimum gift exchange? Obviously, no one consulted the people who make $14 dollars an hour in the family – anyways. I hate freaking out about what I am going to do all the time and getting so anxious that I have a melt down – like I did last night.

I sobbed like a little baby in the car last night while the Boyfriend was driving because everything, for me, just came to a head. Everyone I came in contact with yesterday was in a bad mood, which effected my mood, and coupled with the stress of redoing my entire budget for the next few weeks, I kinda, well, flipped the shit out. I just went on and on about how I just wanted the whole holidays thing to be over and done with and for January to be here already. I went on about how I wish I had more in savings because if, God forbid, anything were to happen, I would have to ask my parents for money – which I have never done, even when I had huge debt; about how my school is run by a bunch of fucking idiots and have no idea what they are doing; about how I am exhausted and just want to go home and cuddle and watch Chuck.

So, that is what the Boyfriend did – and he made the bombest butternut squash soup, ever. Hands down my favorite dish he makes. And he made like a gallon of it so I am set for like, I dunno, a week. HAHA. Anyways.

I feel a lot better today. The weekend is getting here quick, which is good. So many birthdays this week – actually, this month [HAPPY BIRTHDAY JADE] – and our cookie party is coming up, and I am stoked for that. I have so much to be thankful for and I need to stop fretting so much.

I did a little thrifting/retail therapy on my lunch break the other day and got 2 cute dresses – which I have to alter a bit – and an awesome tank top that I seem to be living in. After payday, I plan on doing another thrifting trip… maybe on a Saturday or Sunday so I have time to dig and dig and dig – and digging is what I do best.

And tonight, I am doing Wii Fit (successfully stealing my mom’s from her house… WOOT! Even though she knows I have it. HAHA) and watching movies until the Boyfriend gets off work. Maybe some blog maintenance and outfit shots will happen too… who knows how photogenic I will feel by the time I get home.

But as I desperately try to keep my holiday spirits up, I found a super cute DIY project from Bitter Betty: Woodland Wreath.

Woodland Wreath

Photo [and DIY tutorial]: Bitter Betty

It is so cute. If I didn’t have a wreath already, I would give it a whirl. Maybe next year? I think so.

Well, here’s to better attitudes and making best of circumstances!

Till Next Time!

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  1. December 10, 2008 1:29 pm

    That is F’D UP. like, to the max. even if you really wanna do such a thing, at least have the courtesy to *ask* the others involved, right? i seriously don’t get people sometimes…

    I love holidays myself, but have really not been in the mood to shop or anything which is kinda wierd as i usually love that stuff.

    ooooh, you should just go to like TJ Maxx and find something that WAS $100 and get it for like $30. or bed bath and beyond and use a a few 20% off’ers 😉

    Hope today, and the rest of the week, go swimmingly for ya!

  2. Jade permalink
    December 10, 2008 1:57 pm

    $100 gift exchange!?!? Knowing me I just I wouldn’t play…

    • December 10, 2008 1:59 pm

      I know I shouldn’t, but I don’t want to get shit from everyone – which I know I will. Either way, it blows.

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