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2009 Is Gonna Kill Me.

January 5, 2009

Not physically… but mentally for sure. But before I get to that part, I have to tell you what I found on my windshield this morning –ICE!  Before my East coast blogging buddies start laughing their asses off, I have to express my love of cold weather. I love being bundled up, probably even more so then laying out in 90 degree weather – but it is unnatural to have that much ice (just ice, no snow) on your car at 7:15 in the morning – especially in the Southern California. At first, I thought it was my eyes because clearly  I was still half asleep, but then after my wipers had gone for like 2 minutes and nothing happened, I decided to get back out of the car and assess the situation – yeah, ice. It baffled me. But moving onto my doomsday, er, year?

Really, it’s not so bad – I just like to exaggerate. But here’s what I did that is leading  me down this rocky path – I have set some goals for 2009. Ugh. I hate the whole “resolution” idea, so I thought goals would be more appropriate. So, here goes nothin:

  • Get out of debt. I am so close it is ridiculous. I have just over $1600 bucks left in consumer debt, and basically everything I make extra goes towards it.
  • Be more frugal. I want to cut back on a few things that will be like pulling teeth for me and the Boyfriend. i.e Cable TV and eating out. But it has to be done.
  • Have $1000.00 in my emergency fund. My goal period is $2000, but I figure $1000 is very doable in my current financial state.
  • Buy clothes only from thrift stores. I think thrifting is the greatest past time known to man. Honestly, this one will be a piece of cake.
  • To be more understanding of the Boyfriend. I need to be more understanding with him. I love him so much and I don’t want to take that for granted.
  • To loose 10 pounds/loose 1 pant size/tone up. I am not fat by any means (5 foot, 114lbs), but I am nowhere as toned as I used to be, especially after all the weight loss. So, I would settle for one of those three… I’m not picky.
  • To make money off of one of my blogs. Which might mean switching to TypePad or something [I hate Blogger]. I will be sad if I have to leave WordPress. I [heart] it.
  • Design my own blog header. I am slowly becoming more tech savvy and I really am getting tired of my header [already]. So, I want to create on of my own, since I know me best, right?
  • Read more books. I love reading. 2008 was a slow book year for me because of crafting and whatnot, so 2009 is going to be the year of the book. I have already read all 4 Twillight books and they were like crack. Next up: the Left Behind Series. JADE! – I need your book 1!
  • Be Sexier. This one is for the Boyfriend and me so, ssshhh. I have body issues, which leads to me thinking I am not sexy. So, I am not quite sure how I am going to approach this, but I will conqure.
  • Don’t fail at school. This is probably the hardest one on here. I have 3 weeks left on my online classes this block, and yes, I am failing. I just need to crack down and do it. NO MORE PROCRASTINATING!

Okay, well, I think  that is it. If I think of anymore, I will be adding them here, where I will be crossing them off as I go. Ugh. Wish me luck.

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  1. January 5, 2009 3:21 pm

    haha, you got it girl! i have faith in ya 🙂 and whenever you’re in doubt, you know we all got your back here! (and yes, thrifting is sexy as hell!)

  2. January 5, 2009 3:36 pm

    Those are wonderful commitments.
    I have to say I am a little jealous that you are that close to being out of debt. My school loans are constantly giving me headaches but it was worth it.
    Thrift shops– its my shopping therapy. I go over week .. It never gets old.
    I am petite as well. I am trying to tone up, if I could just get over this laziness. ugh!

    good luck with you resolutions.

    • January 5, 2009 3:55 pm

      @ AlixRose: yup – laziness is the bain of my exsistence too! HAHA. But ya, I have no excuse – 3 free gyms at my apartment complex.

      @J.Money: THANKS! Support is the backbone to success.

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