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I Murdered My Shoes.

January 6, 2009

It was like a horrible, fashion-related nightmare today. I don’t even know what happened… it was like a freak accident and I don’t even know what to do now. Let me  start from the beginning. My wonderful Boyfriend got me these little goodies from Christmas:

Cute. Red. Buttons. High Heel. The whole shebang. Well, I wore them all day and night on New Years, and everything went without a hitch. But then today, calamity struck.

I decided to wear my new shoes to work because I hadn’t broken them in all the way and they just so happened to match my outfit perfectly today. So, during my usual one hour lunch break, I decided to go thrifting over at the LTS (local thrift store). The one I die for is right around the block, so I could spend the whole hour there just being in my element.

As I was perusing the rack and racks of clothes and shoes, I realized that my left shoe was kinda loose – which is kinda odd because they fit pretty snugly across the top of the foot. *sigh* I could have wept at what I saw when I looked at my feet. The little button on the side – the one holding the top strap down – popped off!!! It was just dangling by a tiny piece of brown thread. I immediately sat on the floor of the store to get a better assessment of what had just happened to my new, favorite shoes. From what I can tell, the little red elastic piece – holding the button to the shoe – had vanished. The only silver lining to this story is that I didn’t loose the button. That and I am pretty handy with a needle and thread.

I think I can dye a piece of elastic to match and sew it all back on myself. But I just can’t believe I broke my new shoes – the new shoes that the Boyfriend got me because he knows I like things with buttons.

I am a cold blooded killer – of shoes, at least. Beware.

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