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I Would Follow You Into The Mists Of Avalon.

January 8, 2009

I literally didn’t get any blogging done yesterday – mostly because of work, but I was kinda, sorta really side-tracked mentally. I thought I was prepared for what was going to happen today, but I guess I wasn’t. I am worried, and rightfully so, anxious, on-the-verge-of-tears stressed, and I finding it difficult to blog about anything else at the moment.

the Boyfriend’s sister, Patty, is most definitely worse off than I am at the moment. Her boyfriend, Brandon, is undergoing a majorly invasive surgery as we speak – open heart surgery to replace an artery that is not and was not functioning. Brandon is 22 years old. We all know they unbelievable high risks that come with this type of surgery and have been preparing ourselves mentally for it – but not well enough it seems. But here is the gist of what is happening right now:

  • They took him at is 7am on the dot this morning.
  • Once anasthesia has full hold on him, they will cut him open and break his chest open to access the heart.
  • Now, this is where is gets difficult for me – they stop his heart.
  • With the heart stopped, they will perform the surgery: basically they are taking a piece of titanium as the replacement artery.
  • Then they will jump start his heart again and close him up.

Clearly, this is the very laymen outline of what is actually happening, er, I am sure you understand.

Even though he is in very capable hands, I just can’t stop worrying. I guess that is just how I am. Sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for that text from Patty saying that they got his heart started again and are closing him up is what is getting me through this work day.

Brandon is like family to me and I love him dearly – so, please, keep him in your thoughts and prayers. But this is all I can say now, for fear of crying more – which is bad because I am at work. Ugh.

Brennan- I know we began as foe, but after that courageous act, one day we could be allies, allies who ride majestic translucent steeds, shooting flaming arrows.

Dale- I would follow you into the mists of Avalon, if that’s what you mean.

Step Brothers

That is Brandon [no hat] & the Boyfriend [red het] singing to eachother at karaoke. HAHA

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