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The Outfit: 01.15.09 – The Last Of The Long Hair Edition.

January 16, 2009

Top: Thrifted, Sweater Dress: Nordstrom, Leggings: Target, Shoes: Dr. Martens (I die.), Hot Air Balloon Pins: from Kee-Kee (my g-ma), Cross Necklace: from Kee-kee (my g-ma)

I woke up yesterday having no clue on what to wear. And since I am totally obsessing with that purple sweater at the moment, I decided to button it all up, add a few pins, and take on the world. But now that I have worn it twice, I need to wash it. It is getting all stretched out and whatnot, so ya.

And I need to mention my Docs. They are freaking awesome. I have only had them a few months, so I am still breaking them in. But geez, I love them so gosh darn much. I plan on finding a few floral dresses for the summer to wear them with. Grunge much?

These are the Hot Air Balloon pins I inhereited from my Kee-Kee. She had a ton, so now I have a ton. I am glad I am finally getting the guts to wear them. Actually, it’s not so much guts, more like the confidence to wear them appropriately. She would be proud.

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