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Keeping My Fingers Crossed!

February 24, 2009


It is funny how the most normal of work days can rapidly turn into the work day from hell.That was my day yesterday. A slew of unfortunate events happened, what seemed like, all at once. Here’s the gist of it:

  • At around 10am, my boss’ husband call in to say he had taken her to the hospital. Nothing super serious (some weird strain of bronchitis), but she was going to stay in the hospital for a few days. Def not a problem cause I had everything handled on my end.
  • We didn’t have many orders yesterday, just a few pricing inquires – so the warehouse guy was slow. Basically it was him, me and the sales guy all day long, just sitting here getting the little things done.
  • At about 3pm, I started getting all the orders ready for today. We had like 5, so I wanted to get all the paperwork and pulling done before the end of the day. This is where the proverbial shit hit the fan.
  • With my boss basically out of commission for the rest of the week, the warehouse guy decides that this is a good time to tell me, one of no managerial pull what-so-ever, that he will be leaving this weekend for Mexico… for 3 WEEKS!
  • Nice, right? Who just gives 4 days notice that they are going to be gone for a month? And, he hadn’t told anyone else. I mean, we had been sitting here all day doing stuff with the only manager available, and he didn’t even bother to bring it up until the sales guy left!! GAH!

 Basically, this kid is going to lose a pretty sweet gig. He makes more than me, does half the work (even though it is labor intensive when he has to do something), and gets great benefits. He already had 2 strikes against him for constantly being late, and now he didn’t follow company policy for requesting time off. Generally, if you are a good employee, they don’t give a rats ass if you take a few days off, but wow – this kid is dumb. Everyone basically told him he was going to loose his job by the end of all this, so I am surprised he came in today.

But yes, it will all work out. I am going to call a temp agency once the meeting of the managerial minds takes place… and since the boss lady is in the hospital, who knows when that is going to be. But all I do know is, I DO NOT know how to drive a fork lift, so transferring to the warehouse is out of the question. Plus, I think it would be difficult to do manual labor if 5 inch heels, no?

I am just keeping my fingers crossed that today doesn’t turn into yesterday part duex.

Moving on to more exciting things. Lately I have been looking for inspiration – if you couldn’t tell from my past posts. Everything from high fashion to furniture, I have been looking for little details to incorporate into my life – whether it is in my wardrobe or apartment, everything needs spice once in a while.

Below are some of the people (er, famous people) that truly get my fashion senses percolating.

Ginnifer Goodwin is so cute. Actually, beyond cute. I just saw her in “He’s Just Not That Into You” and her style was so relatable. I am also a big fan over her style in “Big Love”, even though I have dubbed it Mormon-chic-lite.Why lite? Well cause have you seen Chloe Sevigny’s outfits on that show? Now that is Mormon-chic.

Chole Sevigny(I always have such a touch time remembering how to spell her last name properly, eesh) has a style that I wish I cold harness. Very carefree and confident. I think where I differ with her is that she is definitely hippyish and I am more retro – turning more towards to the tight and uncomfortable than the free flowing and colorful. Either way though, she rocks it and it is wonderful to look at.

Ashley Olsenis not one who I would usually claim I identify with. She’s a uber-stylish waif with such an understanding of fashion it beyond ridiculous. What I do love about her more casual style is it versatility. I practially live in jeans, comfy shirts, and mega heels at the moment. I guess you could say I am slowly growing to appreciate what the Olsen’s have contributed to the fashion world… though I am not totally convinced on MK though. She’s a little odd.

Zooey Deschanel(another one who’s last name I struggle with, geez) is probably the most epic style icon for me. She is retro, indie, high fashion, cuteness all rolled into one incredibly hip package. She not afraid to show her true personality in her wardrobe, and that is so inspiring for someone who is in the middle on finding a way to convey her personality through fashion.

Reese Witherspoon is another one I feel I totally relate too fashion wise. She is a true jeans and t-shirts kinda girl, but totally cleans up nice. I feel that is me in a nutshell. She works out, plays with her kids, goes to sporting events, all while jazzing up jeans and tees with darling sweaters and epic shoes. Again, me in a nutshell. Well, maybe not the “epic shoes” part yet, but I am working on it. What I like best of all about Reese is that she is comfortable in whatever she wears.; and that is something that I need to work on. More confidence and less caring about what people think.

Alright, I promise this post it done. HAHA.

Photos: Style Uncut, Randenroro, Fab Sugar, ASOS Today

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