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Here Come The Sprinkles

March 2, 2009

I have decided that this weekend came and went entirely to fast. More relaxation, more hanging with friends, more sunshine at the pool, and more movie watching was necessary.

And now it is Monday, and today is almost gone. I swear, this manic Monday just flewby. I guess it was the prepping for the gazillion interviews I have to do in the next couple of days or the barrage of phone calls from a certain pushy customer that forced the time to speed by, but honestly I am glad it is almost over.

Executive decision number #1 – not going to yoga tonight. I need rest – and I need to pick up our apartment. It looks like a war zone. But, I would rather go to Jade’s class tomorrow n-e-ways! HA.

Executive decision number #2 – I am going to take a bath. I need to relax. My muscles are sore and my head is filled with to-do’s for the week… before my day off on Friday… WOOT!

That is all the executive decisions I can make a at moment… so ya. Forgive me cause my brain is like scrambled eggs at the moment.

But here are a few fashiony things I found on the interweb when I mad a minute or two to fill with good ole’ fashion blog surfing. Love. It.

I wish it was summer. Like now. The fact that it is sprinkling right now is depressing… especially after the gorgeous 75 degree weather yesterday. I went to the pool with Patty and Brandon… even got a little sunburn. *sigh*

I think I am in love with this girl’s blog . She is so f’ing cute and I am completely and utterly going to steal her style. I hope she doesn’t mind cause honestly, I am not the first. I cannot handle it.


Igor + Andre hit me like a two ton truck today when I was looking over their Blogger Portrait Series. I mean geez… everyone from Tavi, Betty, Alix, Alice, and Rumiare all painted exquisitely. Do you think if I begged and pleaded enough, they would do one of me… highly doubt it, but a girl can hope, right? Right?

Alright, I have to be done now. Time to clear off my desk, prepare for tomorrow’s gazillion interviews, and dream of finding the perfect flats… someday before summer… hopefully.

Photos: Hand It Over, Behind The Seams. and Igor + Andre

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