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Inspirational Blogger: Betty

March 16, 2009

Sorry the blogging has been sparse the last couple of days. Nothing super exciting to blog about… except for yesterday’s stellar performance by the Scorgasm (well, in the second half). Needless to say, my softball team made a triumphant comeback. Down 8 to 1… and we won! Woot!

Actually, come to think of it, I did have some awesome shopping day today. I went to Ross and landed 4 dresses and a pair of teal espadrilles. But, since my camera doesn’t work, I don’t have any pics. Waa Waa. Very sad, but hopefully, I have great friends out there who will take pictures this weekend. * cough cough JADE cough cough * Tomorrow I am on the hunt for a few blazers. Keep your fingers crossed!

But time to move on to my inspirational blogger of the day.

I have been a gigantic fan of Betty from Le Blog de Betty since I figured out what blogs were a few years back. Today, I was going through some of her old stuff  (like early 2008ish) and my love for her was about quadrupled.

I feel like this stage in her wardrobe is where I am at at the moment. Very much a hodge podge – adoring everything at has color, stripes, bows, and buttons. She seems to be able to put it all togather better than I though.

By looking over her old stuff, you can see how her blog has evolved too. I feel these shots are just past her “rookie” photo taking stage – a place where I am at and am kinda loving.

The way her photos are composed now is really spectacular. While I love the “rookie” stage I am in now… I want to be this good one day – in both photography and putting together perfect outfits.

Betty is the one who has taught me to embrace my shortness. Because of her I love cuffed jeans with flats, ruffles dresses with ornate crop jackets, and knee flat soled high boots. For some one with short legs (I blame my mother, but wouldn’t have it any other way), I try to get height here I can, but wearing flats doesn’t bother me as much as it used to because I know how to work with them better. Thanks Betty!

It is also because of her that I have been on the hunt for flats like these since I don’t even know when.

Photos: Le Blog De Betty

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