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Boy Am I A Dumbass – Outfit Post Edition

March 19, 2009

It dawned on me this morning (after watching the Boyfriend play with it last night, actually) that I have a WEBCAM on my new computer!!! Gosh, I am an idiot! Here I am complaining about not being able to take outfit photos and all of a sudden, the solution is beyond obvious! Of course I could use it to do quick outfit posts since my point and shoot is in repairs. Geez, Niki. Slow much?

So here it goes. Here is the start of many appoligies for crappy photos – but you gotta work with what you got, right? Right.

This is the jean jumper I was telling you about the other day. I think it is a pretty great thrifting find, if I don’t say so myself. I mean, it is def a little country and little girlish, but I love it. I think it will work swimmingly in the blistering heat of Arizona next week. Especially if I break out my rainbow sandals. I know, blasphemy!!!

I am basically in love with all the heat that Southern California has been privey to in the last couple of days. I am definitely getting spoiled. Lots of dresses and lots of t-shirts are making their way into my wardrobe.

The worst part of it all… it’s supposed to rain later this week. *sigh* Begrudgingly, I will probably get a few more weeks of usage out of the tights and jeans.

For now, I am going to bask is what is left of the heat and hope the days fly by until AZ… is it weird I want to get burnt? Maybe. But who cares. I love the sun.

Jumper: Thrifted, Tee: F21, Boots: Ross, Locket: From my Grandma

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  1. Jade permalink
    March 19, 2009 1:02 pm

    How cute is that first pic? But you knew that already… I swear I had a jean jumper when I was a kid, I wish I had kept it. THRIFTING!!! I wanna go Sat or Sun… Lets go to the one by your work

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