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June 10, 2009

This has been a very angsty week for me – and it’s only Wednesday (;lahdfaksjdh24874!#@*&@^)!.

Today, I wanted to punch everyone that works for my school square in the teeth. But thats enough of that…

I think the next things on my list of items to stock up on for my wardrobe are cycle shorts. That’s right people – throwin’ away the cut off demin and jumping head first in the memories of my childhood.

It has always astounded me how fashion eventually comes full circle. My mother (in the late 80’s and all of the 90’s) dressed in tees and cycle shorts everyday – religiously. It was her to go outfit that she generally accessorized with a neon scrunchy and keds – and then forced me to be her mini me.

Eventually, I grew to dispise anything with a thread of spandex because it, uh, accsentuated my, er, giantic a$$. There I said it. I was a chubster back in the day, so naturally, I (mentally) burned all cycle shorts (and like clothing) out of my wardrobe at an early age.

So, when I opened up my dresser a few weeks back and found a pair of black cycling shorts, it was no wonder I was like “What in the *bleep* are these!?”.  I have no idea where they came from. Most likely I borrowed them from my mom in some desperate attempt to cool off (or something) a few eons back; but I like to think that the Fashion Gods have smiled down on me and looked past my naiveness.

And now, I am officially turning into my mother (sigh). I cannot get enough of them. While I am still damning the scrunchies to h-e-double hockey sticks, I do plan to invest in a few more colors of cycle shorts for the summer. Paring them with the BF’s shirts and my brand new wedges might be my staple for summer – much to my mother’s pleasure (and “I told you so when you were 8″‘s).

Photos: The Style Wanderer, Hanneli, Piret

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