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Winery Wedding: the Charpentiers! [Part 1]

June 29, 2009

This weekend was a blast. the BF’s cousin Lane got married in beautiful northern California Wine Country – Hopland to be exact.

We left early Friday morning … like super early. Like, 4AM early.

That’s right people – I took a super unsteady shot of the rental cars clock so people wouldn’t think I was exaggerating. It was sooo early – it actually felt earlier since we went to sleep at midnight the night before. Yikes.

We made excellent time (from the OC to Ukiah it took 7 hours). We were just enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way and loving the heat.

That night was the rehearsal dinner. Since we made such great time, we were able to have a quick nap before visiting with the family and getting ready.

To say it was a mad house at the BF’s Aunt and Uncle’s house is a complete understatement. 5 dogs, 1 cat, 2 old ladies, the BF’s mom, and countless people running in and out all day was the complete story of was took place this weekend. It was awesome. So many good times.

Here are some snaps of the dogs:

Stella and Bosley: they are Beagal/Basset Hound mixes.

Baxster and Olive: both Goldens and very mischievous!

And Saba [say-ba]. Sada is a mix. She was rescued by the BF’s cousin Paul while he was in medical school in the Caribbean. She was a little anti-social, but I loved her!

the BF’s Aunt and Uncle’s house was gorgeous! I mean really really amazing – especially the back yard. They have put so much hard work into this house and it has completely paid off.

So many pics, so little time… I think I will do this update in 3 parts. Next up… the rehearsal dinner!

All the images have links to their larger images… just click the pic!

There are also a ton more photos at my Flickr and Patty’s myspace!

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