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Drugstore Beauty Review: Mabelline Line Stiletto

January 22, 2010

I am a BIG fan of the black liquid liner. While more beauty vlogers gravitate to the gel or cream liners (like Bare Escentuals and M.A.C.), liquid liners will always have a place in my heart. They can add a little umph to a simple day look and add definition to a smokier/heavier night look.

I probably use liquid liners 80% of the time. I seem to go through “testing” phases where I will buy a liner that has been raved over, realize I hate 2 weeks later, then buy a new one (and so on and so on). The hunt never ends.

Mabelline’s Line Stiletto is one part of the Stiletto duo. You can pretty much find this in any drug store (or supermarket – where I got mine) and it is  reasonably priced at $6.99+tax.

Packaging: the packaging for this product is pretty sleek. Simple, classic, and fits into my make-up bag.

Applicator: this is a longer, felt tipped applicator. While the sponginess of the applicator holds a lot of liner (meaning you do not need to dip it back into the liquid over and over), the tip of the applicator comes to a funny point – kind of bulbus at the end, but only slightly. To get a perfectly tapered wing, you have to hold the applicator down, almost parallel to your face – which can be kind of awkward at first. After a few times, you get used to it, but I thought it was odd and it can be time consuming if you are in a hurry.

The liquid: the “blackest black” is amazing. The color is a real true, dark, bold black. The liquid is thick enough to deposit the true color the first time. I have had liquid liners in the past that have been so thin that they have to be applied a few times to get correct look that this liner gives. My only quam with the liquid itself is that it runs in the inner corners of my eyes when I put it on. It actually bleeds to the inner waterline on the bottom – which gets irritating when I have just lined my waterline with white.

Wearability: this will stay all day if you don’t touch it – meaning the wing you put on in the morning will be gone if you touch the corner of your eyes a lot, which I tend to do in allergy season. I am not sure if Maybelline has made a waterproof version of this yet, but the one I have it not waterproof. So, stay away from pools and water-balloon fights cause you will turn into a racoon.

This is probably the best drugstore brand liquid liner I have ever used – which is saying a lot. Despite the weird applicator and the smudging when I touch my eyes, it is a really great product.

Let me know if you have tried this and what your results were like.

Some day soon I will post a makeup look using this liner. Some day.

Photos: Overstock Drugstore and Maybelline

** Disclaimer – I was not given or gifted this product by anyone or any company. I bought this of my own free will and the review is solely based on my opinion. I would not suggest you buy a product if I didn’t like it myself **

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