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Odds and Ends and Tavi’s Hat

January 27, 2010

This week (and next week for that matter) is planning week. First, I am planning my outfits, what shoes I should bring, what make-up I should bring, and what bag I am packing everything into for our Vegas trip this week. The boyfriend and I are still (sort of) up in the air on what exactly we are going to be doing, so I am planning for all occasions. Thursday or Friday I will do a quick “what’s in my bag” post to show off my packing skills.

Second, I am trying to figure out what I should wear from my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary and vow renewal ceremony. While it’s not going to be flashy or extravagant by any means (my Grandma wanted to wear a vellore pant suit and my Grandpa wanted to wear a t-shirt that looked like a tuxedo… which were both vehemently exnayed by the immediate family), I want to look somewhat put together. I am debating on buying a dress from Modcloth for the occasion and here is what I am torn between:

One of these four will be the winner and, weather permitting, I will only have to wear a light sweater instead of a full coat. Let me know which one you guys would pick!

In fashion news, I read on several blogs yesterday about Tavi’s “hat” at the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week. Here is the photo that took the couture world by storm Monday (originally tweeted by Grazia, who just so happened to be sitting in the second row, behind Tavi):

As many of the fashion related bloggers and magazine readers know, Tavi is one of the most fashion forward thirteen-year-olds (yes people, 13!) that this generation had ever seen. Her eye for cutting edge fashion, her own quirky sense style, and her influence over the fashion world is taking people by surprise. So why people got all huffy over her wearing an oversize pink bow (designed by Stephen Jones, no less) on her head to one of the most coveted fashion week shows known to man is beyond me. This is who she is, this is what makes her blog and her style so great. Just keep doing what you are doing Tavi, thats why we love you!

On a quick personal note, I am not sure how many of my readers are from the Southern CA area, but my cousin Becky (of is running a special for a Valentines Day mini shoot.

She is any amazing photographer, and that is not a biased opinion because I am her cousin, promise! Her work speaks for itself and can check it out on her blog (and her other blog)!

Tavi Photo: Jezebel

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  1. January 28, 2010 8:02 pm

    Those are pretty dresses. I don’t know why people are so upset about her bow! I mean for one thing, she is 13, so cut her some slack if she didn’t think about it blocking someone’e view. And the other thing is: her head is your way and frankly, that can’t be removed!

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